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Debt-Free PRIMA$

⚡ZAP your debt. Use your light. Focus ur energy. See it clearly. Focus in then ZAP it away.

⚡The first step is knowing what you owe... which is easier said than done.

⚡It took me YEARS to finally sit down and see all the numbers all together. The whole process had me feeling like 😳🤯🥺😰😣😔🤐

And I didn't want to think/see/talk about it again. 🙉🙈🙊

But... looking back, it might have helped to have had a prima by my side for support on my debt free journey.

💃💃Primas, from girls to grownups, we have a shared experience. We trust each other. We want the best for one another.

👯‍♀️Primas are why I'm launching Debt-Free PRIMA$! I want to help college grads, like me, make debt a thing of their past.

💸I've paid off over $50k in debt (student loans, car loan, medical bill, old toll tag bills, credit cards, even a 🍌 banana republic credit card and all kinds of little baby debts that quickly adds up). I'm about 75% there with my eyes on 💯.

I wanna help.

I want to help YOU skip all the overwhelm and focus on action bc clarity and action follow closely after one another. I'll hear you out, share my tips, guide you and help you focus and see the light so that zap, zap, zap- your debt is dust, zip, zilch, nada.

I have 3 slots available for my 1hr Zap Debt Action Plan. DM me for me details. 💃💃Let's go!

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