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top 3 stress management strategies: coping with the demands of med school life as a couple

It's challenging to keep a dream alive and dreamers need ways to decompress.

Stress can be distracting and it's best to say good bye to it as soon as possible so that you can follow your curiosity and stay inspired. These are the fastest ways I have found to dust off the stress and rock your life.

" you can decide to love your peace and passionately defend it."

1. Write it out.

I sometimes like to have a steam of thought written out on paper. Scarcity is the opposite of what you eventually see on the paper. All the words are a visual representation that any given moment there are many ways and words that can be swiftly strung together to create something new. Generously my mind flows with randomness and it's easy to just breath as the sense and nonsense present themselves. I believe in the idea of having an internal

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