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 about me

Hi there! I'm Vanessa :) Welcome!


I'm from the RGV (puro 956) and proud Brownsville-native. I've recently moved from the DFW area back to the Rio Grande Valley so that my husband, Jared, could attend medical school at UT RGV SOM. I'm writing this on the evening of his first day of school as an M1. My goal with this blog is to write about my experience as a spouse to a student doctor so that I can help others who may be looking for resources to support them through the journey of being a companion to a med student. Some of my interests (and what I'll write about) include: interior decorating for small spaces (we're homeowners!), creating efficient housekeeping strategies and finding tools to support that, and, lastly, and most importantly, I'm interested in my husband. <3 I'm interested in growing in a meaningful, intentional and loving marriage through some of the craziest days ahead aka medical school. I'll be writing on ideas on how to do just that, too.


Stay tuned and hop on for the ride! 



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