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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hello and welcome to my personal tidying and lifestyle blog! I created this blog in order to help me declutter my life (one example – I've been able to declutter my finances by erasing $60,000 of student debt so far), keep track of my progress, and to help readers find ways to declutter their lives along the way.

My name is Vanessa. I've spent the last decade of my life figuring out my career, finances, and wellness. Now, I'm on a mission to document what I've learned while continuing to DECLUTTER A DECADE's worth of stuff! 

I am a young adult who has gone through the wringer when it comes to my career and financial journey! After all that, I see that life IS good and that I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Mostly, I've learned that going through so much financial and emotional uncertainty leaves a lot to unpack. I've collected things, debt and negative self talk because of it. 

After my undergrad degree, credit cards and a new car, I had about $80,000 worth of debt. I just started to really, really focusing on cleaning up after this mess about 2 year ago and am more than halfway through paying everything off. 

My student loan debt is a big reason why I started this blog, but there is so much to declutter and tidy. From my mental health, career goals, to random knick-knacks in my closet, I love to look at what I have and ask if it serving me as I move forward in my life. 

My 20s led me to work in a variety of places. I used to work in a recording studio, a Zoo, a corporate sales job, a marketing firm and now I'm doing what I love- writing full time and recording fun videos. You can check out the latest videos I did at work here.


My goal is to continue to do what I love and share what I've learned along the way with you!

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